Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pre-show Entertainment

Last Saturday night,
my friend and I were sitting in the movie theater, enjoying our popcorn before the show.

People watching is inevitable, during this time.  

The previews have not yet started, and staring at a large, blank screen just simply is not enough to stimulate the mind. 

We noticed a couple (upper 40's to early 50's) sitting two rows in front of us.  

They were each engrossed in their blackberries (crackberries, blueberrries, cranberries),
or whatever they are calling them these days..

In that moment, I wished I could channel my inner Ellen Degeneres.

How I would have loved to have walked up and sat next to them.     

I would have pulled out my "blackberry" (which I do not own), and started "texting". 

I would have said something to the couple like,

     "Oh! I see you are texting, too.  Have to get those important texts in before the movie starts, because you never know what can happen in two hours." 

And I would have made sounds, in response to my "texts", like a laugh or a giggle;
a gasp, or a gaphaw, along with exaggerated facial expressions,
and possibly a loud hand slap on the knee. 

The couple would have looked at me in disbelief.      

And it would have been funny.

But, since I was not able to channel my inner Ellen Degeneres (although, Ellen IS my middle name), 
I resorted to coming up with stories in my head.

Why WOULD they be texting so frantically before the show, as if their lives depended on it?


Maybe they are both OBGYN's, and they are making sure that none of their patients are going into labor before the movie starts.


The mom (who is a control freak) is texting the babysitter.

The dad is texting the babysitter, too (for other reasons). 


They both suffer from paranoia, and are texting to everyone they know before the movie starts,

So many possibilities.

Fortunately, the couple stopped the texting behavior when the movie started,
and as far as I know, they DID make it out alive.

Although, I did not see them leave. 

I raced out before them. 

I had to pee.