Thursday, May 5, 2011

24 Hours in NYC

Comments, observations, and musings
     during time spent in NYC, recently - just my two boys, and I.

We missed you, Haley, Nathan, and Lisa! 


Early morning, early train, from Union to Penn.

Noon (ish) arrival.    
Taxi ride to the hotel. 

Question:  "What language is he speaking?"

Observation:  Oh look!  Our taxi just hit a pedestrian with his side view mirror.

Observation:  Oh look!  Our taxi driver has a convenient metal cane that he uses to
     reach over and pop the side mirror back into place, while still driving.

Comment:  "I think he has done that before".

Turns out, our hotel was walking distance from the train station.

We found out after paying five and some change to go around the block.  

Skinny hallways, tiny elevators (that take too long), and too many floors.

Comment:  "This elevator smells like B.O. - Butt Odor."

Response:  "Ewwwwww!" 

The Path train to Hoboken, New Jersey to see the location of "Cake Boss."

Comment:  "This reminds me of Virginia.  I feel safe here." 

We came, we saw, we saw the line down the block,
     around the block . . . . . . and then we left (without cannoli). 


Finding the 7th floor at Macy's.

Finding the EXIT at Macy's.

Comment:   "Get me out of here!"

Comment:  "Watch out for the "perfume people" (dodging, dashing, and ducking) ! 

One casualty to some unknown fragrance.

I tried to save him, but it was too late.

Back at the hotel . . .

Why won't the door open? 

We are only on the second floor? 

Our room is on the 23rd floor.

How did THAT happen??!

Comment:  "I smell like cigarette smoke."

Response:  "I smell like perfume."  

Comment:  "A puddle may not just be a puddle."

Response:  (stepping around yellow liquid on sidewalk) "What do you mean?"  

Taxi cab horns blaring (what's new).

LOUD fire engine blaring. 

Fire engine trumps taxi cabs.

Look at them scatter.



The reason we came. 

Late night dessert, then . . . . . .


The city can stay awake without us. 


Cold, wet, rainy. 

Let's catch an earlier train home. 

Comment:  "Breakfast ended at 11:30.  It's 11:31.  Stop drinking your coffee."

"And, your train will be loading at gate number . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "

Mad scramble to the one-person wide escalator.

Comment:  "Save yourself!  I'll meet you on the other side!"

Safe on the train. 

Found three seats together. 


Read "Night", by Elie Wiesel.

Sad.  Powerful.  Haunting.         

Back in D.C.  

An over-priced burger at Ray's Hellburger that I did not realize I ordered.

It had duck liver on top.

I did not eat the duck liver, and I could have used a beer.

But, that's ok.

I could exist without bumping into a wall or a person.

We were home, and the sun was shining. 

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