Friday, May 27, 2011


Can it possibly be FRIDAY?  A week, since the last time I posted a story?

As a good friend of mine likes to say,

     "Indeed it is."

A lot has happened this week.

Over the last several days, 
     I have had the opportunity to spend time with two star athletes and their families (and pets).

Karen Dickerson (long distance runner), and David Curtin (Golfer),
     will be representing Team USA in Athens next month,
at the Special Olympics World Summer Games.  

Although, I did not have the opportunity to swing a golf club with David,
     I did lace up my running shoes for Karen, and ran two laps around my former high school track.

(My legs hurt, two days later, but it was worth it.)  

I spent a good part of today writing my stories, and sent them off to the editor.

Whether they end up being printed, or not, it was a truly amazing and rewarding experience.

And, I ended my week by making a couple of young entrepreneurs very happy.

As I was driving out of David's neighborhood, there were four, elementary-aged kids
( all different colors and backgrounds) yelling out,

     "50 cents!  A cup of lemonade for 50 cents!" 

I turned around at the next cross street, and pulled up in front of them. 

As my car approached, I could see the hopeful expressions on their faces,
     as they quickly moved into their positions to serve their "potential" next customer. 

When I exited the car, and began to walk toward them, their wishes had been answered.

     "Would you like some lemonade?  Pink or yellow?" one of them asked.

     "It is a beautiful day, and I would like one cup of pink lemonade, but I will pay you the price for two, "
I responded, as I handed them a dollar. 

I thought one of the little boy's eyes were going to pop out of his face.

"Thank you!" he said.  

Between the four of them, they poured the ice and pink lemonade,

and handed me the cup, saying "thank you" a million times over.  

As I walked toward my car, I thought about meeting Karen,

and David, their wonderful families (and pets), and the enthusiastic, hard working lemonade stand workers,

and I drank down possibly the most delicious, most satisfying cup of lemonade I have EVER tasted. 

Quite a week, indeed. 


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