Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Battle of Right Brain vs. Left Brain

No surprise, my writing comes from the "write" side of my brain.

Lately, my life has been demanding the use of the left
     as life's every day responsibilities tend to do - draining the energy out of the right. 

Think of it as the water pressure in your house.

Run the dishwasher, and the pressure is good.

Run the dishwasher AND take a shower, ONE of those is going to suffer.

Usually, it's the nice hot shower you were hoping for. 

Lately, I have not had a lot of hot showers,
     and any creative thought that briefly passes through my brain,
goes right down the drain. 

As a distraction, I thought I would take a 
     "Right brain vs. Left brain" Quiz.

Surprisingly, my points for left brain usage were only
                                                            2 points lower than my right.


For most of my life, the right side of my brain always felt WAY heavier
     (or lighter, depending on how you look at it).   

It surprised my highly intelligent and skeptical 17 year old daughter,
                as well.

     "Did you take one of those ONLINE quizzes?"
                                               she asked (in a suspicious tone). 
     "Yes, but it was recommended by a friend, so it MUST be legit.,"
                                           was my response, somehow feeling redeemed.

Actually, the quiz was quite simple. 

I always have difficulty with personality quizzes
                                       because they do not offer a choice "x 

         x - depends on my mood and the details of the circumstance. 

AND, I tend to over-think things,

     which is why I did not do so well on standardized tests,
                                             back in the day. 

My daughter is lucky. 

She was not blessed (or cursed) with the "over-thinking" gene,
     which has helped her not only with test taking,
but also with navigating through teenage life, and all of its drama.

I have gotten better at the "not letting myself over-think things" . . .  thing.  

It has taken YEARS of practice, however. 

Maybe that is the reason that my left brain/right brain usage
                    is more balanced than it once was.

Or, maybe I am over-thinking things.




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