Tuesday, May 3, 2011

All Things Good and Small

When I drove up to the pick-up window at Starbucks to receive my 

( take my word for it - it's good),
the nice employee asked,

     "Would you like to try a sample of our coconut mocha frappuccino?"

He asked with such an inviting tone (plus, I love coconut), that I could not resist.  

      "Sure!" I responded.  

He handed it to me in this teeny tiny cup, with a teeny tiny straw,
     and a teeny tiny helping of whipped cream on top. 

The frapp. was delicious, and somehow, its miniature size made it that much more pleasurable. 

It reminded me of my many trips to the library with my dad, when I was young(er).   

I used to love to check out those teeny tiny books by Beatrix Potter.

They looked so cute, and somehow, magical - sitting on the shelf next to the normal sized books.

I suppose, if Starbucks had existed back then,
     I could have enjoyed reading one of them accompanied by a teeny tiny frappuccino.

Back then, we had to settle for chocolate milk.   

I do still love a good glass of chocolate milk, especially when it is accompanied by a crunchy pb & j (with potato chips in the middle), but I have not visited a library in a while.

I wonder if those tiny Beatrix Potter books still sit upon that shelf?         


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