Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So, you know I like to comment about personalized license plates. 

During my time in traffic,
     I feel it is my right to use them as my own form of personal entertainment,
however way I so choose.      

Here was the sighting today -


At first, I interpreted the meaning as "Jen, Before You". 

And, that would actually be true. 

I was driving BEHIND Jen, and therefore, she was BEFORE me. 

It could also mean that Jen thinks she is more important than everyone else. 

You know the saying, "It's All About Me"? 

In this case, IT'S ALL ABOUT JEN.

Judging (and, I was judging) by the bumper stickers on her car,
     I would say that is a possibility.  

My personal favorites are the stick figures that represent each of the family members. 

She had a long line of them on her car.

It looked like this: 

Mom, Dad, Boy Child, Girl Child, Girl Child, Dog, Cat, Dog, Cat.

Notice, she put the Mom sticker FIRST.

Ah HA!    

If I had those silly stickers on my car, I would probably do the same,
     as everyone KNOWS the mom should come first . . . . . .

     BUT, I DON'T. 

Of course, there is another way to interpret the meaning of the license plate - 


While that may sound a bit like the lyrics to a Rap song, 
     it was a vanity plate with a well known Realty Company stamped on it,
so I am sure that she was trying to relate that  


Too bad I already have a realtor.

He does not have any stick figures on the back of his car.

Too bad I am, also, now stuck with a silly Rap song in my head.    



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