Monday, November 15, 2010

Reigning in Charlie

I made the mistake of allowing my dog, Charlie, "free reign" of the couch. 

His favorite spot is nestled on the very top cushion, 
   where he is high enough to see what is going on outside the living room window. 

Who could blame him? 

It's the best seat in the house.   

After discovering the slight dirty brownish color that is starting to take over that spot, 
   however, I am trying to "undo" my mistake.  

Not an easy task - I know.

He is pretty good about listening to me when I ask him to get down,
   though he gives me this look like,

     "What?  What did I do?"

Humans are difficult to understand, Charlie.  I know.   

The biggest challenge is how to keep him off the couch when I am not in the house. 

I KNOW that as soon as I leave, he leaps up to his favorite look-out spot. 

And, for those of you who are thinking, "Put him in a crate," 
   I have tried that route. 

That did not work out so well for him, OR for me. 

So, a friend of mine recommended placing tape, strategically on the cushions. 

Apparently, this works well for cats. 

I looked at him, full of skepticism, as he demonstrated how to apply the tape. 

After coming home one evening,
   I took Charlie for his nightly walk, and heard a strange sound. 

At first, I thought it was the sound of his nails scratching on the concrete. 

I stopped walking to see if the sound would stop, too. 

And, it did.   

When we resumed walking, the sound resumed, too.  

I stopped Charlie, and lifted up his paws. 

Attached to his front, right paw, was a long strip of tape.


Okay.  Now, what?   

"What?  What did I do?"

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