Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Soccer Shoes

Shopping for soccer shoes is not just shopping for soccer shoes. 

It is shopping for ART. 

Rows upon rows of colorfully decorated designs, perfectly placed on the clear, plastic display shelves for every soccer loving, soccer player's viewing pleasure.

Reds and yellows, blues and greens, purples and pinks, or classic blacks and whites. 

Neon and pastels.

Glossy or matte?

Notice the lines and the shapes - the movements and the textures.      

I sat as I watched my eleven year old fantasize about the possibilities -

How will they look on my feet?

How will they feel? 

Will they make me run faster, kick harder................jump higher?

Fortunately, there were no other customers in the shop that day. 
He had plenty of time to critique EVERY shoe, standing over them
with his chin in his hands and a critical eye.   

In the end, he tried on two pairs, and decided on the bright, neon green, with the baby blue.


Now, for a new soccer ball. 

He brought his own money, so that he could add to his collection.
The balls were resting in a net, high above the top shelf,
and fortunately, the salesperson was tall (and patient).

     "You might want to get one that looks kind of PLAIN," I said.  "You wouldn't want to confuse your soccer ball with your feet."

The salesperson laughed.

But, he did not go with plain.
He went with yellow and purple, and left the store - a satisfied customer. 

Unlike collectible artwork, these investments will not be displayed on a wall at home,
but they will definitely be appreciated by one eleven year old boy. 

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