Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Spoon Full of Sugar

Last August, I wrote a story about HICCUPS.

I described my personal experience with hiccups, as such -   

"My hiccups are LOUD and PAINFUL. I do not experience them very often, but when I do, they can last for HOURS, leaving me EXHAUSTED, though most people around me consider it quite entertaining and comical, causing them to double over (in pain), from laughing so hard."

This describes my experience from last night. 

Quite often, when I drink carbonated drinks,
hiccup . . .  will escape me.

Sometimes, a second one will follow, and if it does,
      there is that fear that a THIRD hiccup will follow, as well.

And if THAT happens, I'm in trouble.

I am, for sure, sentenced to an evening of

            HICCUP TORTURE,

which is what happened last night,
     when I was having dinner with my partner.

Well, ALMOST.   

The hiccups began after a swallow of carbonated water.

After about thirty minutes of one
obnoxious sounding, 
painful hiccup, after another,
(which my partner compared to the sound of a sheep),
I did what any intelligent, sensible, desperate 
person of the 21st century would do -


And then, an angel named Laura spoke.

      "A spoon full of sugar," she said, "and chase it down with a glass of water." 

My partner already had the spoon full of sugar and the glass of water waiting.

As he held out the spoon full of white, magical crystals, I thought to myself,

      "Damnit!  This is the first day that I have gone "candy-free" since October 31st,
             and here I am, about to eat an entire spoon full of the sinful stuff!"

One hiccup later . . . 

     "Give me that spoon!" I said.   

Into my mouth went the sugar, feeling dry and heavy on my tongue,
     quickly chased down by a glass of water,
dissolving it into sweetness in my mouth. 

Before I could put the glass back down on the counter . . .



But, WAIT. 

Seconds later . . .
                  no hiccup.

Minutes later . . .
                  no hiccup. 



I danced about the room like Mary Poppins, singing "Spoon Full of Sugar" in my head.

      Oh, the miracle of Facebook. 

                Oh, the miracle of Friends. 

      Oh, the miracle of Sugar.



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