Thursday, November 18, 2010

Me and My Muffin Top - No Baking Required

My personal favorite is banana nut, though I really like pumpkin.
It's definitely a close second.  
I do NOT, however, appreciate the one that has developed around my mid-section.

No baking required - just zip up my jeans.

I had heard roomers of such a thing, from those who have been here before me.

   "Just wait 'til you're in your forties!" they would say.

But, I did not believe them.
THAT won't happen to ME, I thought.
But, it did.

When I first noticed, I tried to use my stern "mom" voice.

   "Go to your room, until I tell you to come out!"

And, like a rebellious teenager,  it did not listen.

It just continued to grow.

Time to regroup, I thought.

Exercise more?  Check.

Eat less?  I can do that.

Give up my wine?  Silence.  

As a parent of (more than one) rebellious teenager,
   I do not typically recommend this advice,
but I may just have to become friends with my muffin top.   


  1. Hey hottie:-)

    put your hands on your stomach for more attractive look and visualize all that doesn't serve you in your life dissolving.

  2. What you think of as an unsightly collection of fat is actually a built-in flotation devise that God gives to us as a reward for surviving for forty years. I haven't earned mine yet, so I still have to wear a life vest when I go out on the lake. Celebrate your muffin!

  3. There's a time for a muffin top -- and the forties are about perfect. Eighteen years old is a little young for one of those, although I see plenty of them. I think people need to EARN their muffin tops.

  4. LOVE your perspectives on this one, White Wave and Gene! Thanks for sharing.