Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Shuttle Run

Remember Field Day?

I LOVED Field Day.

Back in THOSE days, I was fairly athletic.

AND, they handed out RIBBONS.

Not for participation (like they do today),
                 but actually for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

I was BIG into ribbons.

I used to thumb tack them to the wall, above my bed.

One of my favorite Field Day events was the shuttle run.

Remember the shuttle run?

All you needed were two chalkboard erasers, and a stop watch.

Remember chalkboard erasers?

The rules of the game were as follows:

1) Stand on the designated line.
2) Run as fast as you can to the opposite line, and pick up the first eraser.
3) Run BACK to the first line, and place the eraser OVER the line
        (not before it, or you will be disqualified).
4) Run BACK to the opposite line, and pick up the SECOND eraser.
5) Run BACK to the FIRST line, CROSSING it (without stopping),
                            AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Back, and forth; back, and forth.

Not everyone liked the shuttle run, but I LOVED it.

I was fast and coordinated, and could pivot, quickly, on my feet.  

As a parent, I feel my "shuttle run" skills have helped me tremendously.

Thursday night is my "shuttle run" night.

1) I start out at point A.
2) Pick up child/eraser number 1, and drop him off.
3) Immediately, I turn around and go BACK to point A to pick up child/eraser number 2.
4) Barely time for a pivot, I drop child number 2 off.
5) Immediately, I turn around to pick up
           child number 1 . . . AGAIN.

All of this MUST be done within an hour.

Any dropped erasers (or unforseen traffic) could cause disqualification.

Speaking of erasers, in walks child number 2 (returning from soccer practice).

I guess I need to feed him some dinner. 

Do you thing chalk dust would do?    


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