Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Moment of Peace

She stood at the edge of the deck,
   gradually feeling the weight of the week - all of the new changes and decisions in her life,
slowly melt away.  It was early evening,
   yet she could still feel the warmth of the sun shining down between the trees.
Charlie stood beside her,
     happy to have his companion home, and at his side.
I should mow the grass, she thought to herself.

It had not been mowed since last Autumn,
     and with the Spring rains and warmer temperatures
had come new growth.  She laughed, as she surveyed the lawn.
     There were large patches of grass that had grown at a faster rate
than the rest, looking like giant Chia pets had invaded the yard.  
Another day of rain, and the lawn mower was likely to choke over the long, hairy blades.

Still standing at the edge of the deck, she thought. . .
                                         though, I can easily be talked out of it.

She lay down on the deck's hard surface,
     with her knees pointed upward; her face, soaking in the sun.   
Even with its rough edges, the warm boards felt good against her back,
     as she allowed herself to surrender to the moment,
only noticing that which she could see, feel, and hear.

Like a protective covering, long branches stretched across the periwinkle sky,
     their once bare tips showing the first signs of new life.
They danced and swayed in the light wind, as wispy, white clouds slowly drifted by.

On the ground, in the comfort of her favorite long-sleeve t-shirt, cotton shorts, 
     and bare feet, she could feel the warmth of the sun on her left cheek; the cool breeze across her right, and the nearby road noise sounding more like the surf of the ocean.

From time to time, a wet, black nose would rub up against her face, and she would smile,
     as she would run her fingers through Charlie's soft, white fur.   

And, in that moment, there was no doubt in her mind -

she felt at peace. 



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