Friday, April 8, 2011

Something Worth Clapping About

I had an appointment for a job interview this morning,
     and when I walked into the front lobby of the office,
there was an adorable little girl sitting on an older woman's lap.

When I sat down across from them, the little girl smiled a big smile, and began to clap.
She had tiny little features, and tiny little hands, and was dressed in tiny pink clothing.    

     "That is the nicest greeting I have had in a long time!"  I said.

     "How old is she?" I asked.

     "One years old," the woman responded, who had a face full of spirit. 

There was a warmth and a comfort - an understanding between the two,
     that gave me the impression that the woman was the little girl's grandmother. 

     "None of the adults in my life act that excited to see me when I walk in the room,
and my children are all practically teenagers (self-explanatory)," I said.

The attractive and wise looking woman smiled and nodded, with a look of validation.

Soon after, the parents of the little girl came out, and the four of them left together.

As I sat there waiting, I thought about what I had said earlier.

I remembered when my kids were small - how their little faces would light up
     the moment that I walked into a room,
and they would ...........................................clap.


They would clap.

What WOULD it be like, I thought, if every time I walked into a room,
     all of the people who knew me would clap?

What would it be like, if every time YOU walked into a room,
     all of the people who knew YOU. . . . . .  would clap?

I guess it would seem strange, at first,
     as if someone were playing some sort of practical joke.

But, after a while, I think one could get used to it.

One could also get tired of it,
     as I suppose it could lose its lackluster,
just like anything else that becomes part of a routine.  

Still.  I think it would be worth an experiment.  

Can you hear my applause???



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