Thursday, April 28, 2011


It was around 4:30 in the afternoon,
     when a grumbling in my stomach and a general lethargic wave came over me. 

I realized that I had not eaten lunch, and I WAS HUNGRY.   

This is WHY the nutrition experts (and people with common sense) tell you not to skip meals -
     because this is where eating can become dangerous.

This is when you make stupid, possibly unhealthy decisions.

I don't know about other people,
     but when I allow too much time to go by without eating,
I become quite GRUMPY, and I absolutely MUST have something to eat NOW.

If this were the middle ages, I (in a cavewoman-like fashion)
     would have whacked some unfortunate creature over the head by now,
and it would be roasting over an open fire that I would have created
by rubbing two sticks together.  

Okay, maybe the caveMAN would have been out doing the hunting FOR me,
     while I would be tending to the cave and the cave-children,
but this is MY fantasy, so I am certain that I would have been out doing the hunting.

Since this IS the twenty-first century, however,
     I did what any civilized person would do to make the hunger go away -

McDonald's Drive Thru.   

A large order of fries and a diet coke should hit the spot. 

Hence, comes the danger -
     participating in a high fat, high sodium snack that is full of empty calories.

In my defense, however, I try not to do this very often, and it had been a very stressful week.

I placed my order and moved up to the window to pay,
     where the nice McDonald's employee said,


     "WHAT???"  I said.  "I ordered a large fry and a diet coke."

He had mixed up my order with the lady in front of me, who apparently,
      only had to pay three dollars and nineteen cents for her meal. 

The employee stretched his neck out of the window, willing the clock to turn back just thirty seconds.  

He did not have to, though, for the lady must have realized the mistake,
     and suddenly appeared at the window.   

The McDonald's employee apologized and thanked her for coming back. 
     "I should have realized," she said, "but, I was distracted by my kids."

(Something I could certainly relate to).

As the young man sorted through his receipts, he asked her to confirm her name. 
     "Are you Alice?"  he asked.

     She nodded her head. 

There was a long pause, as he processed her credit card again,
     and I felt the need to fill the quiet air.  

     "Hi Alice.  I'm Leslie, "  I said.

The three of us laughed.

She apologized to me for the inconvenience. 

     "I think this is a sign that I was not supposed to order those french fries," I said. 

Within minutes, the matter was straightened up,
     and I moved forward to collect my prize - 

     nice, hot, salty, crispy, golden, yummy . . . . . . french fries (and a diet coke).

And . . . . . .

     I didn't even have to go hunting for it.  

And . . . . . .

     it was worth it.

It was nice to meet you, Alice.  



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