Friday, October 29, 2010

A Change in the Music

My youngest son recently decided to change my name without telling me. 

My name, of course, for the last eleven years of his life has been "Mommy". 

He now calls me "Mom". 

I realize that he is getting older, and it is probably TIME.

But, it just sounds so . . . WEIRD.

Partly, because he speaks it very quick and short, much like an 8th note in music -
barely enunciating the "o", as in . . ."mm",
   versus a quarter note, including the "o", as in . . . "mom" .

I'm not sure WHY he says it like that.

Maybe he thinks if he says it quickly, I won't notice the change.

If that were the case, however, you would think he would say "mo-om",
   to make up for the second syllable, as a musical half note would.   

Maybe I will start saying his name like an eighth note, as well. 

I will call him "Sm", instead of "Sam".

He probably won't notice, but it will fun finding out.    


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