Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sitting at the allergist with my 14 year old,
   during our Saturday morning ritual (allergy shots),
a man walked in with 3 boys, approximately 12, 7, and 1.

The waiting room was full,
and they were forced to sit on the same bench -
   their bodies touching and rubbing up against one another.

All I could think was, there is no WAY that my kids could sit there like that, and behave.

Sure enough, the one-year old started to get restless,
   so the dad took him outside, leaving the older boys alone.

For a few minutes, they sat there, still behaving themselves.

I was impressed.

Until . . .

   the younger one started to wiggle and fidget,
testing the patience of his big brother.

Taking pleasure at big brother's reaction,
   he wiggled and fidgeted even more.

And, even more . . . still.

Until, suddenly . . .

   big brother SMACKED him one.

Now THAT looks familiar, I smirked.      


  1. Boys and violence . . . go together like love and marriage? I don't quite see the connection.

  2. Actually, it's more a "sibling" thing. I used to fight (quite physically, at times) with my sister closest in age to me, and don't DARE cross that line in between the passenger seats of the car.