Friday, October 8, 2010

Top 10 . . . . . make that 11 . . . . . make that 12 . . . . . Reasons to be Grateful Today

 Feeling a bit cynical?               Maybe this will help.

I am Grateful for . . . . .

1) the blaring truck sirens that woke me, causing me to jump out of my skin,
                 an hour earlier than my alarm.  By the time my alarm went off,
                                I was WIDE AWAKE.

2) the two $5.00 bills in my wallet.  That is MIRACULOUS.
                    My son needed change for a $10.00.  
      Otherwise, he would be the only one NOT wearing blue jeans to school. 

3) the car behind me who sat on his horn, when the car in front of me 
                 was blocking the turn lane.  I HATE it when people do that,
                       and I really wasn't in the mood to use mine.   

4) the sun visor in my car.
              If only I was a bit taller.

5)  coffee (period)

6)  the call from my son, after he forgot to bring something to school.   
         I love making extra trips.

7)  this beautiful, sunny, warm day. 
       Now I have absolutely NO excuse not to get out there
                              and mow the lawn.
8)  Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Crunchy Granola Bar. 
      But what I really wanted was a McDonald's Egg McMuffin.

9)  the padding in between my ass and this hard,
                                   wooden chair.

10 )  the large zit that appeared a few nights ago,
                     confusing MY face for some teenager's. 

11)  forgetting to put the recycling out by the curb.
         Now I have to wait another week, and I love to see how much
           plastic and aluminum "can" spill out of the container, onto the street.     

12 )  the giant acorn that slammed against the window
         just now, sending me into orbit.
                       As I am peeling myself off the ceiling, 
          I can see the guilty squirrel running away with a smirk on his face.    

          Now, I must go mow the lawn.   

photo credit, Leslie Morrissette



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