Friday, October 15, 2010

Fifteen Minutes in a Flower Shop

I was having a bad day - feeling a bit low, before I opened the door to the shop.
Beautiful flowers strewn about in a magical, organized fashion, and unique gifts for the romantic or whimsical, at heart. 

The room was filled with color, light, and warmth. 

Suddenly, I was lifted, and life felt good. 

Standing in line, I met a new neighbor in front of me, and caught up with an old friend, standing behind. 

We were all there for the same reason - Homecoming Dance.  

Corsages and Boutonnieres. 

The shop was bustling with last minute customers. 

Mostly moms and one adorable teenage boy who wanted three roses - red, pink, yellow. 

I guess he was trying to cover all of the bases.    

As I walked toward the exit, there was a charming little decorative jack-o-lantern that caught my eye, and I thought about buying. 

Instead, I smiled at it, then opened the door - leaving quite a bit more refreshed than before I arrived.

Fifteen minutes in a flower shop completely changed my mood. 

Isn't life great ?           

photo credit, Leslie Morrissette

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