Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"The Path to Success - A Journey On A Bulletin Board"

Years ago, when the kids were very young,
                               I started to write stories for children. 

Though I always felt I had a "knack" for writing,
     it was not something that I felt I could openly SHARE.

Maybe it was because I did not think people would believe in me.

Maybe it was because I did not believe in MYSELF.

Anyhow, over the years, I have had moments of courage (or insanity)
     when I would lift a small corner of my carefully protected world,
and offer (to my close circle of trusted friends and family) a quick peek.  

The first story I shared was with my sister.

It was a lyrical, COMICAL poem titled, "Rush, Rush Day".    

I did not tell her that I wrote it,
               as I wanted her to read it with unclouded eyes.

     "What did you think of that poem I sent you?" I asked.

     "I thought it was GREAT!  I forwarded it to my friends," said she.

     "You (gulp) . . . WHAT?" I asked.   

MANY years later . . . 

I attended an SCBWI conference (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators),
     and gathered up the courage to submit my first story. 

Choosing which one to send was a difficult process,
     and I consulted with the experts - my kids.

I don't remember how long it was before I         received the rejection letter . . .

It was dated August 1, 2008, and I posted it to my bulletin board,
     NOT as a reminder of my failure, but as a symbol of success.

     and I received some valuable feedback.  

I jumped over the first hurdle, crossed the first bridge,
     and I am on my way down the path to . . .


I am in the process of sending out my second story,
     and I would not have the courage to do so, if I had not sent the first.

Might I receive another rejection letter?  


BUT, I am absolutely, positively IN this. 

I believe in myself; I believe in my stories.

And, my bulletin board is quite LARGE,
                             with plenty of room for more rejection letters.

Eventually, the reward will be a letter of acceptance,
     and I will proudly pin it on top of the others,
knowing what it took me to get there.



  1. Sometimes just making the effort is empowering. I have a children's book for sale online somewhere. I wouldn't know what to do if anyone wanted it, but just putting it out there was enough of an accomplishment.

  2. My friend Gerry and I are wrapping up our first Blue Moon Revue CD. I have 5 songs on it -- a couple of them are almost 30 years old! I am anxious to find what people think. But, even if they don't think much of them, I finally brought them to light.

  3. Way to go! Can't wait to listen!